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Orthopaedic Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Our 365 Physiotherapy Home Visit Service is designed for recent or ongoing orthopaedic problems - keeping you healthy, safe, and happy for as long as possible in the comfort of your home. Home visits allow us to see how you manage your daily tasks at home and how to make these more efficient.
  • Our chartered physiotherapist works with people with different orthopaedic problems including Tennis players and golfers, who are prone to repetitive motion injuries, Football players, current and former, who suffer from shoulder and knee injuries, construction workers, house cleaners, warehouse workers, and landscapers, who may be prone to back, shoulder, knee, and neck pain due to the physical demands of their jobs, Office workers, writers, artists, and assemblers, who use the small muscles of their hands extensively and may experience hand, wrist, arm, or neck pain, College and high school students, who often have to carry heavy backpacks that put a strain on their young backs, shoulders, and spines, Individuals who have had, or are soon facing, replacement or reconstruction surgery such as hip replacement, knee replacement, ankle reconstruction, ligament repairs, and so on and also anyone else who engages in either rigorous physical activity or repetitive motion tasks, or who is dealing with old injuries that have not healed properly
  • Our physiotherapist outlines individualised rehabilitative physiotherapy, developed to maximise your wellness and independence through activity, exercise, and self-management.
  • Your treatment will also depend on your preferences and your individual goals and needs.
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