physio for neck and shoulder pain

Pre- and Post -Operative Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Our 365 Physiotherapy Home Visit Service is designed for recent or ongoing Pre- and Post-Operative Physiotherapy problems - keeping you healthy, safe, and happy for as long as possible in the comfort of your home.
  • Home visits allow us to see how you manage your daily tasks at home and how to make these more efficient.
  • Our Physiotherapists are also trained in pre-operative physiotherapy, if time allows, to help strengthen and prepare the problematic area before surgery in order to increase the rate of recovery post-op and reduce the risk of complications.
  • Our chartered physiotherapist works with people with Pre- and Post-Operative Physiotherapy conditions including Post-Surgical Rehabilitation of Total Knee Replacement, Post-Surgical Rehabilitation of Total Hip Replacement, Post-Surgical Rehabilitation of Ankle and Foot Surgery, Post-Surgical Rehabilitation of Shoulder Surgery, Post-Surgical Rehabilitation of Elbow Surgery, Post-Surgical Rehabilitation of Wrist and Hand Surgery, Post-Surgical Rehabilitation of Spinal Surgery, Post-Surgical Rehabilitation of Cardiac Surgery, Post-Surgical Rehabilitation of Lung Surgery.
  • As you know physiotherapy plays an important role in rehabilitation post-surgery to help reduce pain, swelling and stiffness, and to guide you on an individualised rehabilitation program for a quicker & stronger recovery.
  • Our physiotherapist outlines individualised rehabilitative physiotherapy, developed to maximise your wellness and independence through activity, exercise, and self-management.
  • Your treatment may involve advice on symptomatic management, balance and mobility, and exercises that aim to improve your knee, hip, foot, , shoulder, elbow and hand functions to enhance your walking ability and confidence.
  • Your treatment will also depend on your preferences and your individual goals and needs.
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